[No longer updated]

I published ~30 other articles in Şalom newspaper between 2001 -2003 in the columns titled Genç Görüș and Müzik Kutusu.

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There are some older interviews with me quoted in the Yale Daily News in 2003-07 on the varied topics of the rise of the social media, instant messaging technologies, and effects of global terrorism.

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Blog (2012-13)

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Turkish Jews in Contemporary Turkey; Rıfat N. Bali & Laurent Olivier-Mallet; Libra: 2015; Chapter III

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Other publications include a primer at a management consultancy firm on the pharmaceutical landscape of emerging markets (2009), two lobbying papers (co-written) for the members of the European Parliament on agricultural policy and EU accession process (2006), ghostwritten analysis pieces in 2013-2014 on subjects including culturalism and clash of civilizations, the legacy of a former British prime minister, and the outperformance of East Asian economies over other emerging markets in the 2nd half of the 20th century.

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