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Blog Diary

§ Mar 1 I started as Head of Global Sales & Marketing for London-based tech start-up ParkJockey. Really excited to help unlock the company’s great potential! A new full-time focus and a baby to develop in my constantly-evolving life..

§ Feb 14 Last night, I appeared live on HaberTurk to discuss the latest on the amendment to the Spanish immigration law that will grant citizenship to all descendants of the 1492 exilees – the so-called “Sephardic” Jews, such as myself. The link (Turkish)

§ Feb 08 Medbul finished the beta-testing phase and is now open to all Turkish-speaking physicians! We are proud to have reached to 10,000 doctors already within two months of beta-launch!!

§ Jan 19  I decided to take a break from writing as a side hobby/job to focus on full-time opportunities in business. Thanks to all who have interacted with my writing thus far. There will be more in the future.

§ Dec 21  Happy winter solstice to everyone. I wish all a warm and healthy winter!

§ Dec 01  For political ghostwriting inquiries, you can email me directly.

§ Nov 29 In my rather long op-ed in today’s Jerusalem Post, I analyze Turkey’s failing foreign policy in the Middle East.

§ Nov 27 The Representative Council of Jewish Institutions in France published a French version of my article from August 7.

§ Nov 20 My article in today’s Jerusalem Post deals with the sentiments on the 10th anniversary of the synagogue bombings in Istanbul, Turkey and the rising anti-Semitism.

§ Nov 19 Still waiting for the day, when I will have the free time to brush up this blog and start creating some content again…

§ Nov 17 My second health IT venture, and the third overall, Medbul.net, is alive as of today!

§ Nov 11 Quotes from another interview with me in Slate Magazine (French).

§ Oct 30 Lost my father at the young age of 57. He was my childhood hero and intellectual inspiration.  I will miss him terribly… While the pain feels difficult to bear at the moment, I know I will feel lucky to have been able to stay very close to him in his last 8 months, in the same country after having been apart for 10+ years.

§ Sep 08 Married the love of my life overlooking the Bosphorus in a joyful surprise wedding, which we have planned together for the past month!!!

§ Aug 08 I wrote this piece for The Jerusalem Report magazine after conducting a series of interviews in early July with members of the Jewish community in Turkey. Besides probing the effects of domestic politics on individuals’ lives, I also asked questions about how they see the future of this long-standing community. The article is in premium zone for JPost readers but will be in print in all editions starting with Israel today, and USA/Europe next week.

§ Aug 07 Eniyihekim.com, my first startup, which I got involved with via Profectus, has become my main professional focus lately.

§ Aug 06 My article in today’s Jerusalem Post explains Turkey’s cause célèbre coup trial called Ergenekon.

§ Aug 06 Quoted in Slate Magazine (French edition) here.

§ Aug 01 My main focus is shifting back on my corporate persona: Business development, Pharmaceuticals, M&A, Emerging markets!

§ Jul 04  Happy birthday, the US of America! Let’s read the Bill of Rights to remember what democracy is all about…

§ Jul 03  The Italian newspaper Moked published an interview with me conducted on June 16. It’s on the same issues I wrote about the next day.

§ Jul 02  My article on the Turkish Deputy PM’s comments and the responses to him.

§ Jun 30  My latest article deals with the crackdown on journalists and artists in Turkey.

§ Jun 20  For political ghostwriting inquiries, you can email me directly.

§ Jun 18  I was quoted in The Times of Israel today. Please note the quotes refer to an interview on the initial Gezi Park protests (May 28-31).

§ Jun 17  My apartment was attacked by the riot police yesterday morning during the ongoing clashes. I survived with minor burns and some damage to the apartment. Here is my latest article on the riots, including an account of my own ordeal.

§ Jun 15  This blog will undergo an overhaul in the next month or so. It will look more orderly. I also want to list my old published articles in a different section.

§ Jun 13  My third article on the developments in Turkey in today’s Jerusalem Post.

§ Jun 09  My second analysis piece on Turkey riots in today’s Jerusalem Post.

§ Jun 07  First anniversary of the Acimanalysis. Thanks for reading!

§ Jun 07  My message to protesters: Stay calm, don’t fear. Resist the trampling of your freedom to speak up, but not violently.

§ Jun 06  I shared my photos showing damage to property in Taksim area.  I won’t share photos of any violence or serious injury.

§ Jun 05  It has been the least productive week of my life due to the sudden outbreak of #occupygezi uprising in Turkey on May 28. It is exciting times for the Turkish people. You can read my initial analysis on the ongoing protests here.

§ Jun 04  I was interviewed by Ynet today regarding the protests in Turkey.

§ Apr 25  First day in my new apartment. Also making headway with Profectus. Lots of bureaucracy, planning, emailing, networking and fun schmoozing. 🙂   No time for blogging though, for now…

§ Apr 09  Today, I officially founded my own business development firm. It is called Profectus. I will provide consulting and advisory services to healthcare companies and entrepreneurs, as well as connect different experts in the ecosystem on project basis. My vision is to introduce more creativity and efficiency in consulting, especially in healthcare, agriculture and education- the three industries as vital to our civilization with lots of opportunity for improvement.

§ Apr 02  Same, now for 140 hours…

§ Mar 28  Of all posts, “About Me” has been the “most viewed today” steadily for the last 40 hours. A spike in Turkish IPs makes me think it is due to my op-ed from yesterday and the subsequent live TV interview at HaberTurk.

§ Feb 28  Today was officially my last day at AstraZeneca where I’ve had a uniquely beautiful experience. I will cherish great memories for many years to come… And now it is time to bring some personal projects to life, such as writing about ideas and current events, and starting up an innovative consulting company!

§ Nov 30  I should probably change this ugly font. Some other day, maybe…

§ Nov 24  Remembering the awesome Freddie Mercury.

§ Oct 29  Happy birthday, Republic of Turkey!

§ Oct 21  I have noticed that WordPress inserts ads at the end of my blog entries when others view them but do not show them to me. Sneaky, sneaky! Just so that you know, I am doing this for fun and not monetizing any content. It is all WordPress using bloggers’ content for gain…

§ Sep 09  I know I have been writing only about one post per month, but that’s how much my free time allows me to right now. However, I am still very active on Facebook (not public) and Twitter (public), if you would like to reach out for varied conversations and discussions.

§ Aug 07  I closed the poll. Looks like no particular subject got significantly more votes than others. So, I will continue writing about anything that comes to mind. Though, I do realize now that it takes a lot more time than I have –even on vacation– to keep the articles coming frequently, but I will do my best going forward. After two years of MBA and 100 days of summer vacation, I’m moving to Hamburg, Germany this week in order to restart work.

§ Jul 03  My goal is to keep this website alive after I return to full-time work in August. Meanwhile, let me know which topics you would like to read about, and stay tuned for more articles! 😉

§ Jun 28  Now accepting guest contributions. With guest contributor(s), I aim to promote a diverse group of people, ideas, and causes. Feel free to submit your own article or an idea for it.

§ Jun 22  Views excl. mine have reached 1000. With your encouragement, I decided to continue writing. Huge thanks to all readers who have shared my articles and offered comments! I’m still designing the content based on the feedback I receive.

§ Jun 07  Wrote my first entry today. Will pilot the blog for a while.


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  1. Quote” I have lost hope,” Raisa Ers, a 25-yearold Jewish woman from Istanbul, tells The Jerusalem Report, explaining why she is leaving her native land and moving to Israel.“I don’t feel free anymore – not just as a Jew, but as a Turkish citizen as well,” adds Ers.”unquote, from Jpost today with your signature. Are you sure that this person is of Turkish origin? The name does not sound “Turkish Jew”. Regards. Willy

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