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Your talkative friend. One who enjoys reading, writing, and exchanging ideas on every issue out there; most notably, business, politics, media, IT, entrepreneurship, healthcare, arts, sciences, history, and traveling.

Hailing from Istanbul, Turkey. Global citizen with London sort of a base. Yale B.A., Harvard M.B.A. Former management consultant, pharmaceutical manager, business development consultant, and current Internet entrepreneur. Made his first exit with Eniyihekim.com in early 2014; currently working on ParkJockey, the on-demand parking and access control start-up.

Freedom lover. Humanist. Unapologetic free-trade capitalist and a strong believer in civil rights.

Value investing, social media activism, free-lance journalism and ghostwriting on the side; living a cosmopolitan, polyglot life and trying to make sense of it all…

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