Photos from within Ground Zero of Turkey Protests

The mass demonstrations across Turkey has started with a peaceful sit-in in Gezi Park, next to Taksim Square in central Istanbul (see my analysis piece describing the chronology of events). While violent clashes are still reported from all around the country, the situation in Istanbul is one of relative peace (as of June 6, 2013), with a nonviolent stand-off between protesters numbering in tens of thousands around the clock in Taksim and the security forces holding ground around the most heated area. Since the police has retreated from Taksim, as of Day 10, protesters have been occupying an area of roughly 2 square kilometers, which is surrounded by several layers of barricades, smashed buses and other debris.

As a wholehearted Istanbulite of generations, I am as much intrigued by the truly festive scenes in and around Gezi Park and Taksim Square as I am sad about those who have lost their lives, thousands who are injured (some having lost their limbs or eyes), and the damage to property during the clashes.

On the 7th night, I walked through the area to document the scene but in particular the damage to property. Here are some the photos I took in the occupied area.

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One thought on “Photos from within Ground Zero of Turkey Protests

  1. We in the uk support the protest in turkey .erdogan has over stayed his welcome . We can’t aegue he did good for the country but now he is going backwards and playing a dangerous game. Time to go

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