“Could-have-been Love Story”

This short video by blau111 makes the case for exactly what I keep telling people, that many of us live suboptimal lives due to a fear from self-expression.

Watching it reminded me of the advice Machiavelli gave to his friend Vettori in his letter from exile (10 December 1513) whereby he quotes Boccaccio’s now-famous maxim: It is better to act and regret, than not to act and regret.

So, my friends, please don’t be shy. Have no fear and just say what you want to say!

3 thoughts on ““Could-have-been Love Story”

  1. So, why do we not act upon our desires? In this case, it seems to me as it is the fear of getting rejected. And why do we care about getting rejected so much? Is it because we are not self confident enough, or we are under pressure by social norms? And what is the social norm of being rejected, anyways? Is the one who is rejected by another one less credible or ‘cool’?
    So, it comes down to investigating the root cause of the issue for ourselves – no matter what kind of social problems we are having…

    • Good points. I think it is in fact the fear of rejection and the associated feeling of worthlessness that s/he is trying to avoid.
      A typical example of average man’s risk aversion. They make up by far the majority of all people, yet by far the minority of people who make a difference in the world..

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